Milk Bath “self-titled” vinyl record w/download

Milk Bath “self-titled”  vinyl record w/download

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All songs by Milk Bath. Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Joe Finocchio at Santo Studios, Oakland CA. Spring 2019. Special thanks to Jordan Sobolew. Mastered by Armand John Anthony at The Captain's Quarters Studio, Ventura CA. All artwork by Rebecca Soriano @ tittywells. Layout by Josh and Brian, special thanks to Lil David. Thanks to Alan at Different Kitchen Records. Biggest thanks to Pops Ken.
Available on LP from the UK through Different Kitchen Records
Available on Cassette from Naked Time Tapes.
Milk Bath is Josh Hayes(V/G), Brian Villa(B/V on Depression), Eric Ruvalcaba(D).
Love to the Lower Bottoms West Oakland community and especially our houseless neighbors and those experiencing homelessness.

"It is a wonder we let fetuses inside us," begins Sophie Lewis's feminist treaties against the family, Full Surrogacy Now. Oakland, California’s Milk Bath is a band reeking revenge on the aggregate Body Rock N' Roll. They are answering the call to replace jagged for jingle; jangle with caustic infections that will cling to every tissue and cell. Save your abortifacients. A flurry of Echoplex, distortion, Ginsu ride and general social abhorrance has shoved this three-headed living abortion into our very presence. Save your best apology. It's too late. "Make the Future Pay."
-M. Kelley, CEO Challenge the Throne
New Orleans, July '19
Genre: punk, rock, post
Ex- Glass and Ashes, No///se